Climb for a Cause 2023

I'm Climbing for a Cause with BridgeClimb & Black Dog Institute

Hey, I've decided to do something for myself. Care to help?? 😁

Bridge Climb Sydney is partnering with Black Dog Institute to help raise awareness about Mental Health.

For someone who's dealing with anxiety and depression, I've always been about breaking the stigma about mental health. Just like other health issues, anxiety and depression requires medical attention. But often, people are too scared to ask for help due to constant fear of being judged and discriminated.

Depression is not just about "feeling sad" or "having a problem" and "just needing to be happy". It's a constant battle within oneself and no one knows when it's going to hit you.

People suffer in silence and it could be someone you love. So let's make them feel safe and know that help is always available for them.

Please hit the link and donate. Also, please help me spread the word (its for a good cause, i swear. 😜). Thank you! 😘🫢🏼

My Achievements

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$250 raised - Darrell Lea Goodie Bag

$1000 raised - BridgeClimb Water Bottle

Made a personal donation

First donation for mental health

$100 Raised - Free entry to Pylon Lookout

$500 raised – Black Dog Institute T-Shirt

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50% of Fundraising Target Achieved

Fundraising Target Reached

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rencia Ayap




Jarryl Flores


Jo Farrugia

I'll donate more if Denise climbs too 🀣


Sijan Bimali

Good luck team. Lots of love and strength 😊❀️


Milagrosa Ayap


Milagrosa Ayap


Patricia Dilay


Monina Munoz


K Mac

We’re right behind you all the way through this journey MJ!😘


Nikka Marcial


Alyssa Marie

Proud of you 😘❀️


Ma Teresa Cabitac


Jia-shin Lee

Good on you, MJ!!!



Thank you for stepping up for mental health and registering for Climb for a Cause 2023. Let your fundraising journey commence and we'll see you on Sunday, 7 May!


Mary Anne Dela Roca